College Overview


Medical Technology is a Tier-I disciplineand branch of medicine. In 2014, on the basis of School of Hearing and Speech Sciences, School of Information Technology, and School of Life Science, ZhejiangChinese Medical University (ZCMU) established the College of Medical Technology(CMT). In 2016, medical technology as a discipline in ZCMU was ratedamong “Zhejiang First-Class Discipline Construction Programs (B) in the 13thFive-Year Plan Period”. CMT implements a “medical education and practicaltraining combined, university and enterprise coordinated” teaching model. Itgears itself up for developing “high-quality practical talents with jobcompetency in the direction of medical technology” and is positioned as atechnology application-oriented school adapted to the development of local medicaland health industry.

CMT now offers five major programs toundergraduate students, i.e. Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation, MedicalLaboratory Technology, Health Inspection and Quarantine, Computer Science andTechnology, and Medical Information Engineering. These programs are honoredwith titles of “National Characteristic Specialty in the 11thFive-Year Plan Period”, “Zhejiang Advantageous Specialty in the 12thFive-Year Plan Period”, “Zhejiang Emerging Specialty”, “ZhejiangApplication-Based Pilot Specialty”, and “Zhejiang Characteristic Specialty inthe 13th Five-Year Plan Period”, respectively. CMT also offersmaster’s degrees to graduate students in the fields of Audiology, ClinicalLaboratory Diagnostics, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Informatics, and ownsone SATCM* Key Specialty and one ZJPATCM* Key Specialty, which are TCMInformatics and TCM Information Management, respectively.

CMT has a great faculty, including twomembers listed in Zhejiang Provincial New Century “151” Talent Program, onelisted in Qianjiang Talent Program, one entitled to State Council Allowance,one renowned as National Excellent Instructor, two renowned as ZhejiangProvincial Outstanding Instructor, and one specially invited chief scientistfrom State 973 Program. The faculty comprises 54 full-time teaching staffmembers, 23 “medical education and practical training combined” clinicalinstructors, and 8 “business elite” visiting professors. Among them, 54% haveobtained the medium and senior professional titles and 36% hold a doctoraldegree.

CMThas three laboratory and teaching centers built for Hearing and SpeechRehabilitation, Clinical Inspection and Quarantine, and Medical InformationTechnology, respectively. The three centers have a total area of 4431m2and are awarded titles including “Zhejiang Experimental Teaching DemonstrationCenter” and “Zhejiang Key Demonstration Center for Experimental Teaching in the12th Five-Year Plan Period”. CMT is one of the Chinese institutionsappearing on the Prime Minister Initiative (PMI) List, an audiologist jointtraining base for Chinese PLA General Hospital Institute of Otorhinolaryngology,and also a national vocational skill identification base for hearing-aidconsultants.

Receivingan annual donation of RMB 1.2 million, CMT has partnered with a number oftech-oriented enterprises including Starkey, Oticon, Maico, and Huier to buildlaboratories, carry out joint talent training, and implement overseas visitingprojects. CMT has more than 50 off-campus training bases which are distributedin Zhejiang provincial tertiary Class-A hospitals, Beijing 301 Hospital,Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ZhejiangTechnology Center for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine, and medical software companies. In 2015,the College Student Off-Campus Practice Base, jointly built by CMT and ZhejiangProvincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, was listed as one of the“College Student Off-Campus Practice Bases in Zhejiang Province (Medicine)”.

CMTalso maintains good relationships with seven universities and researchinstitutes across the globe, including the University of California - Davis, Universityof Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Cardiff Metropolitan University, SouthamptonUniversity, and University of British Columbia, Canada.

Stickingto the motto of “seeking the essence and keeping inspired”, CMT always workswith concerted efforts and is making continuous progress. Over the past threeyears, faculty members have succeeded in winning 1 National TeachingAchievement Award, 4 Provincial Teaching Achievement Awards, 5 ProvincialScience and Technology Awards, 30 invention patents, and 25 softwarecopyrights; accomplished the compilation of 4 sets of “13thFive-Year Plan” teaching materials and 5 sets of other teaching materials;undertaken one MOST Major New Drug Discovery Program Special Fund Project,three National Natural Science Fund projects, and 17 provincial and ministerialscientific research projects; and published over 110 academic papers.

CMT never stops coming up with newideas and new methods for education-centered teaching, management, and serviceprovision, and has proposed to develop “Four-Have Young People”, that is, youngpeople having a big ambition, having wisdom, having passion, and havingphysical power. To this end, it has designed and carried out specialtyactivities like the Vanguard Practice Camp to train participants’ tenacity,refocus them on study, and drill their bodies, and the results are remarkable.In these three years, CMT has been honored with a bunch of titles and awardsincluding “Zhejiang Advanced Group in Education”, “Zhejiang Provincial VolunteerTeam”, CYL Central Committee’s “Go to Countryside” Social Practice AchievementAward, 11 National College Student Innovation and Startup Project awards, 38Provincial College Student New Seedling Talent Project awards, and 95 awards inprovincial and above level college student discipline competitions. Each year,over 20 students are granted the opportunity to go on foreign exchanges. Theemployment rate of graduates with at least a bachelor’s degree is 98.5%throughout the school.